Motion Designer Mikhail Krasnykh
Motion design

Where is the video design required? In all situations where you need to clearly convey any piece of information.

In the 21st century people are watching the videos as much as they read. Monitors of the shopping centers, the Internet and television are fully loaded with the media content; selling goods and services. You can also join this “feast of life” and I have something for you to offer. Graphic videos, captions and video manuals, various kinds of presentations and infographics -- I can do all of that rather well. Simply take a look at my portfolio, please.



In fact, you can even look into the future and the computer graphics comes in handy.

For instance, a house which is only on paper can be constructed in 3D. You can fill its rooms with interiors, and the parking lots can be filled with cars. It is called -- visualization. Locations in computer games, special effects in a video and even someone's pushy logo in the corner of your TV set -- it is also 3D. Few people really need it though, nonetheless it is interesting. One day it all started for me with 3D. It was interesting to look into the future, you know...

3D graphics

Site creation

Rest assured; the success of your website depends on its design.

Well, about 80 percent, I daresay. My first website was rather dull and plain. There were grammatically correct texts, a decent portfolio and more than modest prices... But! Most part of the visitors spent on it not more than 3 seconds. This discovery has shocked me. How come? I've created a great video, posted some nice images, and the visitors do not even bother to look at them! … Then I created a new eye-catching, interesting website. Web Design has turned out to be an exciting thing. Thus, now I design websites for all.

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